We asked leaders in the Canadian geospatial community what GeoAlliance Canada membership would mean to them. Representatives from education, non-profit associations and the private sector gave their thoughts on how a national umbrella organization might help them thrive, what projects they’d like it to take on, and who else they think should become a member.

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Jeremy Sewell, Manitoba GIS User Group

Apr 17, 2015



What are some of the issues you currently face that you believe a national umbrella organization would help address? Can you identify your top priority?

One of the issues we face is the exposure to funding from companies that do not have regional or head offices in our Province, but with whom we still rely upon for professional support.  Being a non-profit group, our networking, education and professional development initiatives are mostly funded through the generous sponsorship from local companies.  But being in Manitoba, we do not have exposure to large multi nationals that might support our work.  A top priority for us would be to gain association with large companies who might be able to provide funding, speakers and keynotes to our annual conference.


How would you rate your current success in collaborating with like-minded organizations across the country? Do you think GeoAlliance membership would help facilitate better communication and collaboration?

We have had some success in dealing with organisations like ours across Canada and the US, but we would definitely benefit from having a forum with similar groups to share contacts and initiatives.  We are well aware that there are many groups like ours who are being met with the same challenges that we are.


What is one project you'd like to see undertaken in GeoAlliance Canada’s first year?

We would like to see a national GIS education initiative into which we could provide materials and resources, but also receive materials and support.  By building up the forthcoming generations of Geomatics practitioners we can be a part a legacy that will benefit many sectors in the Canadian economy and society.


Name one group (apart from your own) that you'd like to see become a GeoAlliance Canada member. Why them?

We would like to support the Canadian Government in becoming a member.  This would ensure the support of Government for large projects.


Would your organization be willing to partner with GeoAlliance Canada and/or other organizations to achieve specific goals requiring additional resources/funding?

We would be willing to partner with any group that have similar goals, provided they conform to our non-profit mandate.


The Manitoba GIS User Group (MGUG) is a group of geomatics professionals and interested individuals using or supporting the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for spatial data management, analysis, and visualization. Formed to facilitate communication between people working in all areas of GIS, the User Group meets to allow its members to learn more about current activities and technologies within the industry and to network with their peers. Find out more. 


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