We asked leaders in the Canadian geospatial community what GeoAlliance Canada membership would mean to them. Representatives from education, non-profit associations and the private sector gave their thoughts on how a national umbrella organization might help them thrive, what projects they’d like it to take on, and who else they think should become a member.

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Mohamed Abousalem, TECTERRA

Apr 17, 2015



What are some of the issues you currently face that you believe a national umbrella organization would help address? Can you identify your top priority?

It is currently difficult for us to reach the various geomatics professionals across the country.  We currently have to connect with several and disparate organizations across the country to ensure an extended and comprehensive reach.  Through GeoAlliance, we hope to be able to reach the various organizations represented and/or connected with the national geomatics community more efficiently and effectively.  Our top priority is reach to make companies aware of opportunities to grow their business through TECTERRA’s programs.


How would you rate your current success in collaborating with like-minded organizations across the country? Do you think GeoAlliance membership would help facilitate better communication and collaboration?

We have been generally successful, with varying degrees, in crafting bilateral collaborative programs with other organizations across the country.  This takes a lot of effort, time and energy to identify the right organizations and craft a program that meets their expectations.  With GeoAlliance, we hope that all these organizations across the country will come to a single platform where the players are clearly named, the differences are clearly identified, and the objectives are streamlined to achieve national collaboration through multi-lateral programs.


What is one project you'd like to see undertaken in GeoAlliance Canada’s first year?

A national geomatics conference and tradeshow featuring industry technologies and government initiatives to the international community.


Name one group (apart from your own) that you'd like to see become a GeoAlliance Canada member. Why them?

tecconnect because they are an effective regional geomatics incubator in Southersn Alberta working hard to support and strengthen the up and coming geomatics technology companies.


Would your organization be willing to partner with GeoAlliance Canada and/or other organizations to achieve specific goals requiring additional resources/funding?


TECTERRA offers a full range of investment and support programs, including business support loans, hiring support grants, meaningful networking opportunities, and targeted professional development services. TECTERRA enables Alberta companies to bring innovative geomatics solutions to market. Find out more. 


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