We asked leaders in the Canadian geospatial community what GeoAlliance Canada membership would mean to them. Representatives from education, non-profit associations and the private sector gave their thoughts on how a national umbrella organization might help them thrive, what projects they’d like it to take on, and who else they think should become a member.

Pierre Tessier, Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec (OAGQ)

Nov 13, 2015


What are some of the issues you currently face that you believe a national umbrella organization would help address? Can you identify your top priority?

Due to the startling fragmentation of our activity sector, geomatics is an unknown discipline in Canada. Investments in promotion and marketing are diluted among various organizations that often share the same clients. The same is true for our influence with governments.

How would you rate your current success in collaborating with like-minded organizations across the country? Do you think GeoAlliance membership would help facilitate better communication and collaboration?

We have a very good collaborative relationship with other land surveying associations across Canada and with a number of geomatics organizations in Quebec. Unfortunately, we have very few ties with geomatics associations in other parts of Canada, precisely because of the fragmentation of the sector. It is clear to me that if the key stakeholders joined GeoAlliance, it would help remedy this deficiency.

What is one project you'd like to see undertaken in GeoAlliance Canada’s first year?

Gather the entire Canadian geomatics community around the same table so that we can collectively understand why we need to come together under the umbrella of GeoAlliance. I personally hope that in the near future, GeoAlliance becomes more than an umbrella organization and lays the foundations for a Canada-wide geomatics organization, similar to Australia’s SSI.

Name one group (apart from your own) that you'd like to see become a GeoAlliance Canada member. Why them?


I believe it is essential for CIG to become a member of GeoAlliance Canada, particularly because it currently represents Canada on various international bodies (FIG, ISPRS, ICA).

Would your organization be willing to partner with GeoAlliance Canada and/or other organizations to achieve specific goals requiring additional resources/funding?

Yes, if the stated objectives are in keeping with our mission.


The core mission of the OAGQ is to protect the public through professional inspections, ongoing training and discipline. It also sets standards of practice and rules to guide members in their professional activities.

The OAGQ represents all people who have the exclusive right to practise the profession of land surveying in Quebec. It currently has over 1,000 members.


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