The Canadian Geomatics Community Round Table

The Canadian Geomatics Community Round Table (CGCRT) was a multi-stakeholder forum for open dialogue and collaboration on issues, challenges and opportunities within Canada’s Geomatics Sector. It included cross-sector organizational representatives from governments, industry, educators and students, and not-for-profit organizations.

In 2012, steps were taken to formalize the Round Table with the formation of an interim Steering Committee and a mandate to develop a ‘White Paper’ describing issues in the Canadian Geomatics Sector. In January 2013, at the conclusion of a 2-day Scenario Planning Workshop, a 2-year term Steering Committee representing cross-sector member organizations of the Round Table was formed. Its first mandate was to advance the development of a Pan-Canadian Geomatics Strategy to guide the sector into the future.

To achieve this, the Steering Committee formed Task Teams for each of the Strategy dimensions outlined in the Canadian Geomatics Community Strategy “White Paper” and Scenarios discussed and accepted at the January 2013 CGCRT Scenario Planning Workshop.

Each Task Team produced a Strategy Dimension Discussion Document outlining their findings. These Discussion Documents were posted on the CGCRT website and the community was invited to validate Task Team findings, thereby informing further development of the Pan-Canadian Geomatics Strategy.

In November 2013, the Steering Committee met in a two-day workshop to take on the task of integrating the Strategy Dimension findings into the first draft of the Pan-Canadian Geomatics Strategy.

This document, the definitive version of the Strategy, was finalized based on discussions and consensus reached at the ‘Team Canada’ Geomatics Strategy, Action and Implementation Planning Workshop held in Ottawa on June 9 and 10, 2014. Following the completion of the Pan-Canadian Geomatics Strategy in 2014, an associated framework for action was developed, intended to be implemented by the community. It was determined by the CGCRT Steering Committee that the formation of a national umbrella organization was a prerequisite to concerted, collaborative action, which led to the formation of GeoAlliance Canada. 

Download the Pan-Canadian Geomatics Strategy

Download the Action and Implementation Plan

The First Year

GeoAlliance Canada was launched in April 2015 by the consensus of community leaders who recognized the potential for a national organization to gather together the diverse groups within the geospatial community under one umbrella. Here is what has been done since:

  • formation of an Interim Board of Directors
  • application for and granting of not-for-profit status
  • application for and awarding of seed funding from Natural Resources Canada
  • establishment of an operational framework, including a management team and bank account
  • execution of a successful membership drive for Founding Members
  • hosting of a national community event in Calgary to validate our mandate and gather ideas for community-driven pilot projects
  • development of a framework to support community-driven projects at a national level


Never before in the history of the Canadian geo community has a collaborative, supportive venture at this level ever come together toincrease Canadians’ understanding of the role of “geo” in our economy and day-to-day lives. We look forward to the next years – we have lots of work to do and look forward to partnering with our membership to effect real change.