Member Roles and Responsibilities

Our vision is a collaborative, supportive geo community that works together to advance our mutual interests. In order to achieve this vision, members will be asked to participate actively in our discussions, initiatives and events.

We ask that a representative, or a group of representatives from each member organization, take on the following roles:

  • freely contribute ideas and best practices from your organization, as well as occasional in-kind resources
  • work with other members from similar organizations to develop nationwide initiatives and programs
  • take a leadership role on projects of interest to your organization and work with member and non-member groups to bring them to a successful conclusion, including reporting on these projects to the Board of Directors
  • work with other members and the GeoAlliance Canada leadership team to advance geospatial knowledge, data, tools and technology in Canada
  • participate in the AGM in person or by proxy
  • help establish a stronger, more collaborative geo community in Canada.

Application for Membership

GeoAlliance Canada membership is available for a flat fee of $1000/year, regardless of the size or mandate of the member organization. 

Membership fees can be paid by cheque made payable to “GeoAlliance Canada”.  To apply for membership, please fill out the registration form below and send a cheque to:

GeoAlliance Canada
200, 6 Crowfoot Circle NW
Calgary, Alberta
T3G 2T3

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support! We look forward to collaborating with you. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact us.