Mission and Strategic Objectives

GeoAlliance Canada provides a neutral platform for our members to work together to increase public awareness of the value of the geospatial information supply chain.

Organizations across the country have historically worked independently to promote geospatial literacy and the value of geospatial tools, data, and technology to a variety of audiences, from school children to senior decision makers.

We believe that by coming together under one umbrella to pool our energy and resources, our individual voices will be louder and have greater impact.

We provide a structured framework and project support for the work undertaken by our members. Joining GeoAlliance Canada will allow your organization to take a prominent leadership role within the community. Our project-based framework creates opportunities for increased access to funding to drive forward projects of national importance. Our member network includes leaders from all points along the geospatial supply chain, breaking down our existing silos. Membership gives you access to formal and informal networking opportunities with a diverse group of community leaders.


GeoAlliance Canada Objectives

  1. Foster growth and engagement within Canada’s geospatial community
  2. Create an identity for the geospatial sector that is clear and well understood by senior leaders and decision makers and is viewed positively by the general public, and increase awareness of the benefits of using geospatial data and tools for effective decision making.
  3. Recover Canada’s international competitiveness and leadership reputation


Two Year Strategic Plan

A Road Map for a National Geomatics Umbrella Organization

Read our Strategic Plan: GeoAlliance Canada Framework for the Strategic Plan_2017-2018.pdf

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