Natural Resources Canada Funds GeoAlliance Canada to Promote Use of Geospatial Data and Tools

Dec 14, 2015

Canada’s geospatial community received a significant boost today with the signing of a 1.5 year funding contribution agreement with Natural Resources Canada. GeoAlliance Canada, a national non-profit umbrella organization, received this funding in support of their mandate to provide essential leadership within the geomatics, geography and geospatial sector. 

GeoAlliance Canada was launched in April 2015 by the consensus of community leaders who recognized the potential for a national organization to fuse together the energy and resources being expended by a highly fractured sector. By coming together under one umbrella, diverse groups within the geospatial community are able to network and collaborate on projects of mutual interest. Through the engagement of key groups and organizations, GeoAlliance Canada has begun to articulate and promote the benefits of using geospatial data and tools for effective decision making to leaders within business, government and education circles. The contribution funding from Natural Resources Canada will have an immediate impact by providing essential operational resources for this fledgling non-profit organization.

GeoAlliance Canada’s Board of Directors has released the following statement:

We wish to thank Natural Resources Canada for their ongoing support for initiatives promoting the use of geospatial data, tools and technologies in Canada, including the Canadian Geomatics Community Round Table and now GeoAlliance Canada. The funds released under this contribution agreement will support GeoAlliance Canada over the next year and a half as we work to engage the geomatics, geography and geospatial communities. We will draw from this significant resource to increase Canadians’ understanding of the role of “geo” in our economy and day to day lives. We look forward to working with our member organizations from the business, non-profit, education and government communities to drive forward projects that celebrate our long history of innovation in this sector and re-establish our leadership position on the world stage.

For more information about GeoAlliance Canada or this contribution funding agreement, please contact us.


Financial support provided by GeoConnections, a national collaborative initiative led by Natural Resources Canada. GeoConnections supports the integration and use of the Canadian CGDI, an on-line resource that improves the sharing, access and use of open geospatial information.

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