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Jan 27, 2016


Have you heard?

GeoAlliance Canada is an umbrella organization that provides leadership to fuse together the energy and resources of existing geospatial business, non-profit, education and government organizations.

Never before in the history of the Canadian geo community has a collaborative, supportive venture at this level come together to increase Canadians’ understanding of the role of “geo” in our economy and day to day lives. Never before has there existed this level of passion to drive forward projects that celebrate our long history of innovation in our sector and re-establish our leadership position on the world stage.

GeoAlliance Canada was launched in April 2015 by the consensus of community leaders who recognized the potential for a national organization to gather together diverse groups within the geospatial community under one umbrella. GeoAlliance Canada has begun to articulate and promote the benefits of using geospatial data and tools for effective decision making to leaders within business, government and education circles.

Together we will measure, monitor and promote the value of the “geo” brand both within and outside our community in order to improve opportunities, awareness and understanding of our role in the Canadian economy. By creating and fostering an optimized balance among Canada’s foremost geospatial organizations, our professional communications and marketing support team will help everyone from school children to senior decision makers, nationwide, gain literacy of geospatial knowledge, data, tools and technology in Canada.

Our Interim Board of Directors have been busy laying the groundwork required for GeoAlliance Canada to succeed. We have been granted not-for-profit status, received start-up funding, and established the organization’s framework, including a management team. Our Founding Members are being recognized for the critical importance of their early support. We are so pleased to have this opportunity to work with these outstanding partners to advance the interests of our Canadian geo community.

As part of the build up to the March 2016 Map to the Future conference in Calgary, AB, and in the interests of establishing GeoAlliance Canada's voice on the national stage, we have been working with a team from Design Cofounders to plan topics of discussion, activities, and workshops aligned with the interests of the community. The goal is to conclude the event with a unified plan for immediate and midterm actions. This process requires external input – and that's where you come in. We are seeking a nominal financial contribution from your organization to help support this conference’s success. For more information, please download the sponsorship form from the event page.


We are ready to launch a membership drive now to grow the breadth of our organization. Our doors are open!

Joining GeoAlliance Canada gives you opportunities to network with leaders from all points along the geospatial information supply chain - from surveying and raw data collection, to spatial data infrastructure, to mass marketing of geospatial information. These opportunities will open new channels of communication not previously possible. Membership in GeoAlliance Canada empowers you to contribute your insights, energy and best practices from your organization, while participating in think tank forums with members from similar organizations, to develop nation-wide initiatives and programs to establish a stronger, more collaborative geo network in Canada.

Membership is now available for April 1 2016 – March 31 2017 for $1000 per group or organization. Please fill out the application form here and send a cheque made payable to “GeoAlliance Canada” to 200, 6 Crowfoot Circle NW, Calgary, Alberta, T3G 2T3.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact


Hope to see you in Calgary!

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