The GeoAlliance Canada Project Portal is Live!

Sep 07, 2016

GeoAlliance Canada has launched an exciting new initiative at

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As the national umbrella organization for the Canadian geomatics, geography, and geospatial community, we want to make it easier for individuals and organizations to work together to build a stronger sector identity, improve our educational system, and increase access to high quality geospatial data.

The geo community has traditionally been divided across disciplines and sectors, with a proliferation of regional and discipline specific leadership organizations. GeoAlliance Canada was formed to help address this fragmentation and create a platform for the diverse players in government, business, non-profit organizations, and education to work together, share ideas, and pool their resources where it makes sense to do so.

Following our successful Map to the Future event, we were tasked with the creation of an online portal to showcase and support the work taking place within the community and foster collaboration, and the formation of a Projects Advisory Committee to review and refine project ideas.

We are pleased and excited to launch We believe that this initiative is a significant step forward in uniting our diverse community, and we look forward to hearing your project concepts and helping you bring them to life.

From the beginning, our message has been that we are stronger when we work together. The Project Portal will help us collaborate more effectively.


Why should I submit my project idea to GeoAlliance Canada? What kind of support do you offer?

We understand that different projects have different needs. Some ideas are fully funded (or even already underway), but need to reach a wider audience. Others need help finding team members to tackle the work required. Some have a team in place, but require funding. We offer all these different kinds of support as required. Our main considerations are that projects must be feasible, they must be high impact, and they must address either sector identity, education, or data access.  

So how can we help? We offer:

  • Funding (up to $20K; must be at least matched by at least one other funder)
  • Support for project team creation
  • Mentorship and/or project oversight
  • Marketing and communications support
  • Access to contacts
  • Support for external funding applications


Please keep in mind that we are a small organization with limited resources. We aren’t looking for people to pitch ideas to us and then walk away from them. We need leaders from the geo community (and we know we have lots of great ones) to take on the work that needs doing. Our goal is to work with you to develop project plans that are as feasible and high impact as possible, and then help you bring them to life.


Who is eligible to submit a project?

Project leads must be affiliated with or employed by an organization that is a member in good standing of GeoAlliance Canada. Anyone, however, whether they are working as an individual or representing an organization, can volunteer to be part of a project team.


Is there a deadline to submit a project?

Project concepts must pass through a first and second submission stage before a support agreement with GeoAlliance Canada can be reached. (More about that here.)

The first submission can be submitted at any time. The Projects Advisory Committee will review submissions quarterly. The deadline for a submission to be included in the first review is September 23, 2016


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