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Our Vision

GeoAlliance Canada is a new umbrella organization that will provide leadership to fuse together the energy and resources of existing geospatial business, non-profit, education and government organizations.
GeoAlliance Canada will create a neutral platform for members of the geo community to network and collaborate on projects of mutual interest. Together we will measure, monitor and promote our value both within and outside the geo community in order to improve opportunities, awareness and understanding of our role in the Canadian economy.  Our activities will elevate public awareness of the value of the geospatial information supply chain.


GeoAlliance Canada will be established as a not-for-profit organization (NPO). The membership will be representative of the Sector, with members coming from Government, Business, Education and Not-for-profit organizations. These Member Types are as follows:

Not-for-profit: Associations, foundations and other not-for-profit corporations that represent the interests of different groups in the geomatics sector

Government: Federal, provincial and local government departments and agencies that are providers or users of geospatial information products, services or technologies

Business: Companies that are providers or users of geospatial information products, services or technologies

Education: Faculties or departments of post-secondary educational institutions that have geomatics education and training programs

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Our focus is on projects that will address the objectives laid out in the Pan-Canadian Geomatics Strategy by carrying out the initiatives identified in the Action and Implementation Plan.

Some examples of high priority projects include:

  • A national outreach and awareness building campaign to communicate the role and value of the Geomatics Sector's products and services; 

  • Promotion of three significant nation/community building projects of common interest to government and industry, to help catalyze and unify the Canadian Geomatics Community and strengthen its ability to address rapidly changing geospatial market needs;

  • Reinvestment in authoritative core geospatial information to meet recognized needs and ensure that the predicted benefits of opening access to this information under open data policies will be attained.

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